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By Several Sources

"Bruno Vida is a strong ghost of a dead son Gabe, lingering in shadows and refusing to leave his parent's souls. His 'I'm Alive Reprise' in Act Two is decidedly more creepy than the first and makes us resent his presence rather than mourn his absence." 


"Bruno Vida as the son Gabe is electricity exploding from a bottle, especially in his roof-rattling anthem “I’m Alive.” He succeeds in being the ever-present part of the family that is luring Diana away from sanity."


"Bruno Vida is electric with his signature, reprised attention-getting musical statement, 'I’m Alive'."

 - Palm beach post

"The performance of "Nevermore" was amazing. Although all the actors were excellent, Bruno Vida's portray of Edgar Allan Poe was mesmerizing. Even though the show was one & a half hours long without an intermission, he held the audience spellbound." 

- Edie S. (GOLD STAR) 


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